A membership where students can enjoy Theocratic & Bible-themed lessons, while enjoying fun and wholesome association in affordable live classes.

We offer a unique program tailored to meet the learning needs of families that are living the best life ever.

Our online program provides the perfect balance of academic learning and spiritual growth. We offer grade-appropriate coursework, group live classes, done-for-you curriculums, and all the resources you need to enjoy Theocratic-based schooling from home.

Discover Your Path:
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Live Classes

10 live classes per month
✓ For association & enjoyable interactions.
✓ To supplement formal education.
✓ For personalized tutoring & academic support.
✓ For elective courses & engaging activities.


For At Home Learning
✓ A structured monthly curriculum.
✓ Worksheets, books, and videos.
✓A community hub for connecting and sharing.
✓Engaging interactive learning activities.

Live Classes
& Curriculum.

Monthly Classes & At Home Learning
✓ A structured monthly curriculum.
✓ Worksheets, books, and videos.
✓ A community hub for connecting and sharing.
✓ 10 live classes per month

What Parents Say

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It: Hear from Parents of Our Program’s Students!

Cruz Family, USA
4th Grade Student

Thank you for all of your hard work, I cannot express how much Treeway Academy has enriched our homeschool experience.

My family is very grateful to you dear brothers and sisters for all the work you do for the witness homeschool community, thank you!

Portillo Family, USA
3rd Grade Student

My daughter loves Treeway so much. I asked her once if she wanted to continue with Treeway or do another curriculum. Right away she said, “I want to stay, I love Treeway, all my teachers are Witnesses and so are my classmates. We always talk about Jehovah and what He does for us. I can’t do that in regular school.”

That is why I highly recommend Treeway Academy. It has helped her to have a great appreciation for Jehovah and be more open with the members of our congregation.

King Family, USA
4th Grade Student

I’ve been with Treeway since they first started offering live classes. I know that I can have confidence that the brothers and sisters who run this program understand the importance of education and know how it will reflect on Jehovah’s name.

I believe it would be a powerful witness if, when asked about our curriculum, we mentioned that we used Treeway and that all of the teachers are Jehovah’s Witnesses.