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Monthly Live Classes

Embark on a journey of learning, friendship, and exploration with our exclusive offer: Engage in 10 captivating Live Classes every month, where we dive deep into both academic and extracurricular subjects.

Dive into engaging live classes, connect with experts, make new friends, and explore a world of interactive learning. Cancel anytime. Join us today!

What’s Included?

10 Fun & Academic Live Classes Per Month.

Utilize class credits to book your sessions.
All classes are displayed in your local time zone.
Choose classes according to your availability.

Small class sizes for an intimate experience

Connect with peers from around the world.
Cultivate friendships in a safe environment.
Experience joyful learning in engaging classes.

Fun electives, activities, and Group Events.

Explore game shows, scavenger hunts,
STEM, language, and art classes & more.
Easily add more classes as you need them.

You’ll Love Our Live Classes!

With the ability to select classes based on your own schedule, it is now easier than ever to find live classes that fit your student’s interests and needs. Live classes are conveniently offered at times that fit your family’s lifestyle.

✓ Under 15 Students Per Class

✓ 30-40 Minute Classes

Enroll in Our Live Classes

Enjoy the benefits of 10 live classes every month with budget friendly pricing.

(One account per family, No limits on participating students.)

Monthly Live Classes


Your subscription renews automatically on a monthly basis, ensuring uninterrupted access.
You have the flexibility to cancel your subscription at any time, without any hassle.
Need more classes? No problem! Easily add extra classes whenever you require them.


We’re happy to answer any questions you have about live classes!

Yearly Live Classes


Your subscription renews automatically every year, giving access to over 500 yearly curricula, extracurricular, and Camp Treeway classes. You have the flexibility to cancel your subscription at any time, without any hassle.

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