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Camp Registration FAQs

Frequently asked questions

What's your refund policy?

We do not provide refunds for Camp Treeway. Due to its digital nature, downloaded printables and live classes cannot be “returned” for a refund the way that traditional goods can. For this reason, all digital and virtual sales are final.

If you are having an issue, please contact our support team and we’ll be happy to try and make your experience a better one by helping you to successfully access the live classes.

How long will I have access to camp Treeway?

Camp Treeway will be open from June 6, through August 31, 2022. You’ll have access to the camp Treeway website until August 31st.

However, although you’ll have access to the website, the number of live classes you can attend will depend on the number of credits you purchase when selecting a camp pack.

If you run out of credits, you won’t be able to attend any live classes although you’ll retain access to other areas of camp.

When do the live classes start?

Live classes start on June 6th. You will be unable to attend any classes until that date. Classes continue throughout the summer until August 31st.

How long is each class?

Classes are 30 minutes each. Special event classes may be up to 40 minutes long.

What timezone are the classes shown in?

Classes are shown in your local time. We pull information from your browser that helps us display the class times in your local timezone. You must have javascript enabled & proper timezone settings for your personal web browser in order for this to work.

Can we put our children in a class outside of their age group?

Yes, you can! Age groups are a suggestion based on the difficulty of the class. If you feel that your child can keep up with the activities in a class, feel free to schedule that camp class for them.

How many unique (individual) classes are there in total?

There are over 40 unique classes available, which will repeat at different intervals throughout the summer.

Do individual campers each need their own account?

No, you can access Treeway from one account and book seats in any live class for any of your children.

Will printable activities be included?

Yes, printables from previous camps will be included for at-home activities.

Can I purchase multiple camp packs or add credits later?

Yes, you can purchase a camp pack at any time to get more camp credits by visiting this page and purchasing the camp pack you’d like again.

How do I contact you if I have questions?

You can contact us for support through our contact form. We respond to member/camper emails usually within a couple of hours (Monday – Friday 8am-5pm CST,) but sometimes our response can take up to 72 hours if our email queue is unusually high.

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