by Treeway Academy

A fun song guessing game!

Get ready for a wacky, action-packed guessing game! 

Get ready to take a trip on the Pioneer Path! A 2-team based game!

Who doesn’t love Bible Trivia! Can you name two of each of these Bible related things?

What kinds of foods might we see in the Paradise? Join us in this visual glimpse of paradise, by looking at incredible food plants we have today -from the future!

A Conversation game! Which of these scenarios is worse?

Bring already made slime to class as we go on a mini safari of slimy plants an animals made by Jehovah!

Bring already made slime to class for this fun event! Compete in the Virtual Slime games and take home the gold!

Bring your phones for this action packed game! Have your cameras ready to beat this challenge. Do you have what it takes?!

Can you remember the words to Kingdom and Original songs  from just one word? Find out in this fun, sing-a-long game!

This game is hilarious! Campers will enjoy guessing words, when the vowels have been replaced with new letters!

A simple way to introduce yourself to new friends!

Bring your Bible character and clues to class to play this guessing game. Can the other players guess your character?

Join us for a virtual scavenger hunt! Can you gather all of the items on the list in less than a minute?

Can you get someone in your class to say your secret phrase before class ends?

Spot the differences in the Photos Together. How many can you see?

Bring something cool, interesting or important to you to class to share with friends!

A scavenger hunt to help you think about Jehovah’s personality in a new way.

Can you focus in on these animals found in the Bible?

Let’s Imagine we know what Adam named the animals, what kinds of names would they be?

You’ll need a service partner for this game of teamwork!

A fun thinking and guessing game!

A fun guessing game!

If you liked Biblemoji I you’re gonna to love Biblemoji II! Can you figure out these Bible stories written only with emojis?

Make your own Bible headlines, and see if you can guess some of ours!

Where in the world is Mary Missionary? Join us for a 30 minute game show where we try to locate this missing Sister!

Join us for this interactive version of would you rather! What will YOU do in Paradise?

A quick conversation started to warm up the class!

Can you tell the difference between toothpaste and slime? time to find out!

Can you find all the items on this Bible scavenger hunt before time runs out?

Ready for an adventure?! This Biblical take on an Escape room will involve solving puzzles as you make the journey to rebuild Jerusalem’s walls with Nehemiah! Come prepared with your class materials printed!

Read my lips and try to guess what the word is, to gain a point for your team. But there’s a catch: no sound!

Get up and Jam in this fun virtual version of musical chairs! Do you have what it takes to be the last one standing?

Listen to trivia to be the first to get 5 in a row!

How good are you are doodling? What about when you have to doodle on your head?!

Bring a pack of colorful m&ms to participate in this fun Icebreaker game!

Add your own caption to each picture! Which caption will get the most laughs?

Can you figure out these Bible stories written only with emojis?

The titles of the original songs look different! Can you figure out what the original title is?